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A Nationwide Medical Management Services Company


We always ready to go the extra mile.


We make customer the hero of our story.


Bravo Services

Bravo Services is a leading organization providing flexible and customized healthcare and other support services with proactive approach to bring the resolutions for your present and future problems.
We strive to be a valued partner to our clients with a close working relationship. As such, we extend the client umbrella to cover every associate because we understand that every element within the medical community can have an impact on your business, and your success.


We are committed to serve our all clients regardless of their volume and tasks.


Our team is very much responsive and communicates well in time with our customers.


We have philosophy of results, instead of just making activity we make productivity


  • Past-due Patient Balances

    Past-due Patient Balances

    Six Tips for Collecting Past-due Patient Balances It’s inevitable. Every practice will have patients with unpaid balances. While it is unpleasant to ask people to pay you what is owed, it is critical to collect this revenue. Here are some of the strategies my practice has put in place to improve patient payment collections: 1. […]
  • Twitter Hashtag

    Twitter Hashtag

    A Twitter Hashtag Won’t Cost Much, But It’s Worth Its Weight in Goal 3 Keys to an Effective Social Media Presence: Your startup might be lurching along without much capital, but that doesn’t mean you can drop off the grid. Your business needs social media, and, fortunately, you don’t have to drain your account to […]

Client Reviews

Dr. Jason


I've been working with Bravo Services for approximately 6 months now and have found their service to be a welcomed addition to my practice. Sam and Peter have always been professional and very helpful to me in consulting on a variety of issues relating to billing. I would recommend outsourcing your billing to Bravo in order to free up time and focus on other aspects of clinical practice. Thank you Sam and Peter!

Dr. Sattar, Texas

Motivated Team

Very motivated team and willing to learn new systems. Adaptable and dependable,. Easy to communicate with, Also self-learner so startup of the job went smoothly.

Office Manager
Family Practice, CA


Am impressed... Keep up the great work and I am sending all billing to you.


Excellent Service

Bravo is an excellent service provider and I would highly recommend them to others for any project.

Dr. Angle

Great Work

Very happy with workflows and services operations....good people with good hearts and work quality.

About Us

It’s about business, healthcare and revenue. It’s about providing the right services along with a professional, enthusiastic and proactive approach perfectly suited to your business. It’s about the living the life you love, loving what you do for a living, exploring the new opportunities and celebrating your achievements. It’s about forming fast and lasting friendship and belongings to a true group of professionals who care about your success.
Our goal is to achieve optimum performance for our clients through a mixture of our state-of-the-art technology, our proven processes, and our years of experience in the business, our capability, and our attention to detail. All of these factors transform into a high level of client service which, in turn, has resulted in a tremendously high level of client satisfaction and client retention!

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