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  • What’s your business?

A: We deal with Medical practices only, we deal with more than 25 specialties including dental, lab, cardiology, radiology and ob-gyn practices.

  • How old you are in business

A: We are in business since 2008 and have professionals with more than decade-long experience with us. They utilize their expertise to utilize in the best way to complete the necessary tasks.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

A: Yes, we do offer a free trial. We have full confidence in our services’ quality. Upon your satisfaction or after you approve our work then we move further.

  • Do you offer customized services?

A: Every client is different and has their own needs and requirements and every client is important for us so we offer customized services. Our services are customizable in a way that we devise them according to our client’s needs. Moreover, our clients can have our complete services, any one of our services or even part of our different services.

  • What is your pricing?

A: We price based on following;

  • %Age of your total collections
  • Hourly rates for assigned tasks based on benchmarks
  • Fix charges per FTE
  • Commission per sale
  • Do you offer long-term contracts?

A: We don’t offer long-term contracts; if you are not satisfied with our services you can withdraw the project at any time with one-month short notice. We work hard for continuous improvement of your projects.

  • Do you provide references?

A: No, Bravo doesn’t provide references. We give a One-month free trial to our clients and that is our Policy since 2008.

  • Do you work with other billing companies?

A: Yes, due to our high quality and cost-effective solution, we do offer services to companions in the market. We believe in less profit but large clientele and growth day by day.

  • What size of practice do you work with?

A: We are equipped to serve every practice size. We provide HealthCare Management Services to the Solo Practitioners, Group Practices, Hospitals and other Healthcare Services Providers.

  • Do you help to make practice paperless/electronic?

A: Yes, in a month time, we make practice paperless, we set up all ERA’s and make arrangements for electronic fund transfers, so save a lot of time, money and headache for our clients.

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