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Medical Billing


All insurances claims whether paper or electronic processed on daily basis. Also, payments and contract adjustments are posted to patient ledgers accordingly. Our Medical Billing Services team follows fast turnaround time to make sure the streamline cash flow of your practice revenue.


We get our clients setup electronically with all possible insurances in just 45 days. You and your staff will get rid of all the paper work for EOB’s and other stuff. We do setup your bank deposits via electronic fund transfer so there is no lag in your payments.


We provide the services to all specialties, from primary care to oncology. We possess multi-specialty Medical Billing Services skills; End your worries of going helter-skelter looking for different vendors for different specialties.  Our team has great expertise in resolving your problems and streamline your revenue cycle management.


As a HIPAA Compliant company dedicated exclusively, Bravo Services understands the importance of information security and follow protected health information for patients. We use secure platforms for data transfer and communications.


  • Eligibility for scheduled patients is performed and authorization/referral is taken where required.
  • Claim Submission is done in 24 hours after reviewing the LCD, NCCI edits, MUE edits and other modifier checks.
  • Clearinghouse acknowledgement (999) and Insurance acknowledgment reports (277) are reviewed and worked in 24 hours to fix any batch level or claim level rejections.
  • All possible ERA/EFT setups are done to avoid paper work.
  • EOB’s/ERA’s are posted in 24 hours.
  • Secondary claims are generated within 24 hours of posting the payments
  • Denial management are performed on all possible denials using information received via ERA’s/EOB’s.
  • Web portals are created for all possible insurances so EOB’s can be extracted online if missed somehow.
  • Patient payments are posted in 24 hrs.
  • For claims with no response, complex denials, calls are made and followed up aggressively when claims are entered in follow up bucket.
  • Appeal are created for Medical Necessity, timely filling and likewise denials.
  • Statement are created biweekly or monthly basis
  • Patient calls are made where patients are not paying their balances
  • Collection Letter are sent to patients where needed


Following reports are provided and analyzed on monthly basis.

  • Weekly Charge Reports
  • Weekly Payments Reports
  • Monthly AR Reports (Insurance and Patient)
  • Payer Mix Analysis Reports
  • Monthly Patients Visits VS Payment Report
  • CPT payments Analysis Reports
  • Monthly Income Report
  • Monthly Adjustment Reports

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