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Medical Transcription

Bravo Services has been providing high quality specialized medical and legal transcription services through its specifically trained team to a suite of clients around the world since 2008. We deliver accurate and timely medical transcription at the most competitive rates with the assurance that the highest security and quality standards are applied to each transaction.

We are a 100% United States owned company that holds its core values at the forefront of everything it does, Focus, Teamwork, and Development in our staff. These values, combined with a genuine team desire to be the very best we can enable us to both values as well as succees with our partnerships, from Individual practice requirements through to multi-site practices.


Our unique 3 tiered check process involves three checks on your file to achieve the accuracy of over 99%.


The Transcriptionist transcribes the file verbatim or according to any specific instructions provided by you. The Transcriptionist refers extensively to reference materials and research for accuracy of data over the internet. The formatting of your transcript and speaker identification can be done on request.


Once transcribed, the file is reviewed by the same Transcriptionist, who checks it for accuracy, blanks, phonetics, and formatting errors. Speaker identification is also verified at this stage.


A qualified Quality Analyst (QA) checks the reviewed files. The QA focuses on incomprehensible words, phonetics, and any typographical errors made by the Transcriptionist. The file is also checked minutely for any subject-related error. The entire transcript is extensively checked to ensure an error-free final document.



We know you’re busy and have report deadlines, we also know that keeping up with the work is sometimes made more challenging with staff sickness, public holiday, evening and weekend staff rosters all of which can have an impact on both the output capability of your team as well as the financial bottom line. 

At Bravo Services we understand that our overall service has to be accurate, secure and fast, most importantly it also has to be cost-effective. With Bravo Services, you only pay for the reports delivered. Staff sickness, public holiday wage loading or staff roster issues can be a thing of the past. You will pay the same single cost, for every line typed, irrespective of when that occurs all your work can be catered for from within our pool of highly trained specialists. 

We work hard to ensure that our systems and people utilize the latest technology available enabling us to provide you with an effective, consistent alternative to (or supplement to,) your existing service.

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